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WOOO. I deserve a pat on the back.

I finished my GNST Paper!!! Now to move onto my Japanese homework for tonight... I believe she will be checking on this tomorrow morning so I absolutely NEED to get it done! Then I have to study my ass off for Japanese... I really need to practice my kanji and katakana... we're going to be tested on it on Wednesday and if I don't know how to write then I am screwed. >.<

Also, I need to prepare for the Winter season. I heard it might snow this coming Wednesday or later this weekend... I went window shopping earlier today for boots. There is this pair I've had my foot in a few times but it is not entirely black (I need to wear black shoes for work)... but perhaps I could just bring work shoes and wear outside shows sperately to work so mmaybe I will get those boots. I also had my eyes set on these sheepskin (I think?) boots from Dawgs... but they are freaking $125 - $150 CDN... no way am I paying that much for shoes!!! That's like the price of an ipod nano. O_O If all fails then I will just resort to my uncomfy boots I got last year that make the soles of my feet ache with every step... o_O. We'll see if anything else pops up. All the mall has for sale right now are fall boots... darn, I wish I got some before winter came closer. XD Gloves are a must along with leg warmers and arm warmers. I'm good for scarfs and ear protection... =).

Okay, time to get to work again.



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November 2008

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