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Nov. 4th, 2008


(no subject)

WOOO. I deserve a pat on the back.

I finished my GNST Paper!!! Now to move onto my Japanese homework for tonight... I believe she will be checking on this tomorrow morning so I absolutely NEED to get it done! Then I have to study my ass off for Japanese... I really need to practice my kanji and katakana... we're going to be tested on it on Wednesday and if I don't know how to write then I am screwed. >.<

Also, I need to prepare for the Winter season. I heard it might snow this coming Wednesday or later this weekend... I went window shopping earlier today for boots. There is this pair I've had my foot in a few times but it is not entirely black (I need to wear black shoes for work)... but perhaps I could just bring work shoes and wear outside shows sperately to work so mmaybe I will get those boots. I also had my eyes set on these sheepskin (I think?) boots from Dawgs... but they are freaking $125 - $150 CDN... no way am I paying that much for shoes!!! That's like the price of an ipod nano. O_O If all fails then I will just resort to my uncomfy boots I got last year that make the soles of my feet ache with every step... o_O. We'll see if anything else pops up. All the mall has for sale right now are fall boots... darn, I wish I got some before winter came closer. XD Gloves are a must along with leg warmers and arm warmers. I'm good for scarfs and ear protection... =).

Okay, time to get to work again.

Aug. 26th, 2008


Friend purge.

Inactive friends that I haven't seen posts for 2 years have been deleted.

Just request back if you need to. :)

Jun. 16th, 2008


Enter.. if you can! FRIENDS ONLY <3

*insert image here*

Don't see any other entries? You need to friend me, and I need to friend you.
Make a request to be added in the comments section. Also, provide a little description or introduction of yourself.
I'll consider your entry. =P

Warning: This journal is related 14+.

I've got a lot of old entries of immaturity in here, so if you don't mind viewing those, go ahead and friend me. More recently, I talk mainly about school, relationships, friendships, and life in general. If I begin to talk about more 'explicit' things, I will increase the rating of this journal.

So, if you don't mind entries like "OMG OMG I'M FREAKING OUT" with excessive chat acronyms, slang, horrible grammar, and plenty of spelling mistakes, then I'll let you in. =) Just kidding... well maybe not the spelling mistake part... and the grammar part... er... just... uh... whatever, request!

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